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Wonka Raspberry Twister

Wonka Raspberry Twists Australia

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Wonka Raspberry Twists bars are a red liquorice candy treat which carries the Wonka brand seal of approval. These tasty Willy Wonka Raspberry Twists are fantastically soft and chewy, bursting with raspberry fruity flavour.

wonka raspberry twisters

Wonka Raspberry Licorice Twists

These twisty delights have been inspired by the amazing Willy Wonka candy and would certainly be popular with the candy genius himself. In the Willy Wonka candy tradition, the Wonka red licorice twits has the perfect balance of eye catching appeal, flavour and texture. This makes them ideal as a tasty treat or lunchbox snack, a great choice for kids of all ages, including the grown up ones!

Wonka Raspberry Twists – The New Twist on a Classic Red Liquorice Treat:

Liquorice has been a popular snack for centuries and was eaten in ancient China. It was a popular treat with Native American tribes and was rumoured to be the snack of choice for Alexander the Great. Raw Liquorice arrived in England via Dominican friars and was quickly developed into the treat we would recognise today. In the 1920s, red liquorice debuted in the United States and since then liquorice lovers have faced the tough choice of red or black.

Fortunately, Wonka Raspberry Twists has made this choice even easier. Wonka has elevated red liquorice with even more flavour and texture. With a deliciously yummy chewy and soft texture together with a fantastic raspberry taste, the Wonka Raspberry Twister is sure to be the first choice for any liquorice lover.

Wonka Raspberry Twists Ingredients:

The full ingredients of the Wonka Raspberry Twister are wheat flour, glucose syrup derived from corn, sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oil, E330, E331 and E334 (food acids), E123, E129, E132, E150c and E150d (colourants), E420 (humectant), E471 (emulsifier), maltodextrin- derived from tapioca or corn, E904 (glazing agent), salt and gelatine. Unfortunately, Wonka Raspberry Twists are not suitable for vegetarian or vegan diets.

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Where can I buy Wonka Raspberry Twists in Australia?

You can buy Wonka Raspberry Twists right here at Funworks. We sell all across Australia including all capitol cities.

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