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If you are looking to capture the taste of your childhood playground memories, you will need to look no further than Sherbet Fountains.

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Sherbet Fountains Lollies

While there have been many sherbet lollies in the past, there is only one sherbet fountain with its wonderful combination of delightfully tangy sherbet and rich dark liquorice. The iconic yellow and red tube complete with black liquorice dipping stick was a staple in candy stores around the world for many many years. This wonderful combination of tangy sweet sherbet and deliciously rich liquorice meant that you can savour this amazing sweet treat, walking down memory lane and reminiscing straight back to your childhood

The History of the Sherbet Fountain:

While there have been many sherbet lollies in the past, the original Sherbet Fountain has been around since back in 1925. This school kid’s favourite began life with a cardboard tube holding the sherbet, allowing the liquorice dipping stick to be held firmly in place. However, while the classic recipe has remained the same, Sherbet Fountains now feature new plastic packaging. Never fear though, as the iconic colours and packaging graphics remain the same. This does mean that there is no longer the risk of losing your fountain bottom if the deliciously tangy sherbet makes you drool a little too much on your liquorice dipper!


The Ingredients in Strawberry Clouds:

Delicious Sherbet Fountains contain the following ingredients in this classic recipe; treacle, sugar, wheat flour, sodium bicarbonate, cornflour, tartaric acid, citric acid, plain caramel natural colouring, tricalcium phosphate anti caking agent, aniseed oil natural flavouring and liquorice extract. This means that not only are Sherbet Fountains delicious but they contain only natural flavourings and colourings. This classic recipe is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Unfortunately, the use of wheat flour could trigger a reaction in gluten allergy sufferers.

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Where can I order Sherbet Fountains in Australia?

You can order Sherbet Fountains right here at Funworks. We sell all across Australia including all capitol cities.

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