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Assorted Rock Candy Australia

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If you’ve never tried rock candy before, we think you’ll love ours. Treat your taste buds to a whole variety of mouthwatering flavours. Each piece is like a flavour-explosion in your mouth and it lasts for ages too. All our rock candy is made here in Australia so you can be assured that you’re getting a quality product.

Assorted Rock Candy Funworks Perth

Assorted Rock Candy

You can purchase rock candy by the kilogram bag. It’s perfect for giving as a gift, handing out at weddings, eating at parties and just keeping at home and having it whenever you feel like some. Pick out your favourite flavour from our website and order some to try today! Alternatively, grab a bag of our assorted flavours so you can try all of them out.

Mouth Watering Rock Candy!

Flavours you can choose from include:

  • Assorted – a chance to try a delicious selection of our rock candy range.
  • Watermelon – always fresh and mouthwateringly tasty.
  • Blackberry – the taste of ripe, juicy blackberries perfectly captured within a lolly!
  • Blueberry – love blueberries? You’ll not be able to stop eating our blueberry rock lollies.
  • Strawberry – who doesn’t love the taste of plump strawberries? Try our strawberry rock candy and discover just how yummy it is!
  • Kiwi – all the taste of kiwi fruit inside a lolly!
  • Apple – you’ll never forget that lolly, crisp apple taste.

Assorted Rock Candy Ingredients:

The ingredients in Rock Candy can vary depending on the flavour. As a guide, the watermelon flavour contains the following:

Sugar, glucose, citric acid, flavours, colours (102, 122, 123, 129, 110, 133).

Please Note: This product is bagged in the Funworks warehouse on equipment that also processes nuts. Great care is taken by the team at Funworks to thoroughly clean equipment after every use.

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Funworks Lolly Shop Reviews

Below are some kind reviews from clients linked from Facebook

Tahlea Mckee
Tahlea Mckee
Love This Shop it's AmazingI always go to the one at the Carousel
Susan Nelson
Susan Nelson
Great choice of international goodies. Great staff at Cockburn. Always happy to help and ordered chocs for me for a party. Keep it up.
Olivia Finlay
Olivia Finlay
Funworks is the greatest! So many yummy things and great staff �
Charmaine Patches
Charmaine Patches
Danae Cooper
Danae Cooper
5 thumbs up! � My go to when my sweet tooth gets the better of me!

Where can I order Rock Candy in Australia?

You can order Rock Candy right here at Funworks. We sell all across Australia including all capitol cities.

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