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If you are in the mood for a man-size bar of chocolate, you need look no further than the Nestle Yorkie bar. With some clever marketing, Yorkie bars are remembered as “not for girls” as the brand reclaimed chunky delicious chocolate for men.

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Nestle Yorkie bar Lollies

Although some women were unimpressed by this campaign, it certainly attracted attention and got many people considering this tasty bar as an alternative to biggest competitor Cadbury’s Dairy Milk. This inspired a massive marketing campaign with gruff lorry drivers seen tucking into the great chunky Nestle Yorkie bar in the most macho way possible!

Yorkie Bars History:

Yorkie bars were launched back in 1976 as a direct rival to the popular Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, offering a chunkier alternative. However, by 1978, Nestle Yorkie bar sales had hit over 13,000 tonnes, firmly establishing the brand as a solid, chunky big eat for man size appetites looking for a sweet treat. This means that Yorkie bars have been a popular choice for over thirty five years. Although this fantastically dreamy and creamy chocolate bar was created in the United Kingdom, Australian chocoholics can enjoy this sweet and delightful treat. Whether you are looking for a quick sweet snack or want to savour a deliciously dreamy chocolate sensation, a Nestle Yorkie bar is just what you’ve been looking for. Although it was marketed as not for girls, whether you are a man or woman, we won’t tell and just let you relax and enjoy this chocolatey treat.

Nestle Yorkie Bar Ingredients:

This chunky and rich milk chocolate bar is smooth and delicious. The ingredients include dried whole milk, sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, lactose, whey protein, vegetable fat, sunflower lecithin (emulsifier), butterfat. This means that while Yorkie bars are suitable for vegetarian diets, they are not suitable for vegans. They may also contain some traces of wheat gluten and therefore could trigger a reaction in allergy sufferers.

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Where can I order Nestle Yorkie bar in Australia?

You can order Nestle Yorkie bar right here at Funworks. We sell all across Australia including all capitol cities.

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