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Here, at Funworks Lolly Shop, we pride ourselves on stocking only the best Clouds manufactured by Chunky who we believe are the premium makers of this type of confectionery. You can choose from strawberry, blueberry, grape, watermelon and banana

Clouds lollies Funworks Perth

Lolly Clouds

The Clouds will take you back to your childhood or will give your own kids a wonderfully memorable experience if it’s their first taste of the sweets. They’re cute little cloud-shaped fruit-flavoured jellies kissed with the lightest dusting of sugar. As these are declared as being gluten-free by the makers they’re perfect for you even if you have a gluten allergy.

Fluffy Lolly Clouds

The Clouds are so soft and fluffy. There’s no correct way to eat your Clouds. Some people enjoy nibbling the sugar off the outside, whereas others simply can’t wait to pop a whole Cloud into their mouths. The sweets are also 99 percent fat-free so if you’re on a diet and watching your waistline, you can as many as you would like without worry! Clouds are perfects for events, parties and buffets. You can be sure that when your guests taste them that they won’t be able to stop raving on about how amazing your spread is!

Another awesome aspect of Clouds is that they really do taste like fruit with an added twist. So, if you love to eat juicy strawberries and they’re not in season, why not have a go at the strawberry version. What’s even better is that you won’t get all the dripping and mess that can go on when you eat the real fruit! The same goes for the many other different varieties we stock here at Funworks. Make every day special when you buy from our online store!

Canada Dry Ginger Ale Ingredients:

Cornsyrup, sugar, fruit juice, modified corn starch gelatin, dextrose, sorbitol, acids, artificial flavours, colours

Gluten Free

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Funworks Lolly Shop Reviews

Below are some kind reviews from clients linked from Facebook

Tahlea Mckee
Tahlea Mckee
Love This Shop it's AmazingI always go to the one at the Carousel
Susan Nelson
Susan Nelson
Great choice of international goodies. Great staff at Cockburn. Always happy to help and ordered chocs for me for a party. Keep it up.
Olivia Finlay
Olivia Finlay
Funworks is the greatest! So many yummy things and great staff �
Charmaine Patches
Charmaine Patches
Danae Cooper
Danae Cooper
5 thumbs up! � My go to when my sweet tooth gets the better of me!

Where can I order Clouds in Australia?

You can order Clouds right here at Funworks. We sell all across Australia including all capitol cities.

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