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Almost everyone knows the delicious taste sensation of M&Ms chocolates. These colourful chocolate button shapes are a Mars product and feature delicious chocolate encased in a bright colourful candy shell.

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Bilk M&M Chocolate

Of course, you can’t simply enjoy one or two, so fortunately, there are large packets and bulk M&Ms available. While there are a number of varieties of M&M’s chocolates including peanut, dark chocolate and crispy, many argue that the original “plain” variety with delicious milk chocolate remain the best. These distinct candy treats are marketed as chocolate that won’t melt in your hand.

The Basics of M&M’s:

Bulk M&Ms started life in 1941 in the United States. This introduction allowed for instant popularity on the American market and lead to this delicious chocolatey treat being exported around the world. Bulk M&Ms are currently sold in over 100 countries. When enjoying bulk M&M’s Australia based enthusiasts may be aware of the amazing 17 different colour combinations. Over the years there have been a number of different colours introduced as promotional limited editions including purple and turquoise. The company have even issued black and white M&Ms including packaging to celebrate a Wizard of Oz promotional campaign. Mars even run promotional events where consumers can vote for their favourite colour to be included in the future batches. This is actually the reason how blue M&Ms came to replace the original tan coloured candy.

Bulk M&M’s Ingredients:

These tasty and colourful sweet treats contain milk chocolate made with chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, skimmed milk, lactose, soy lecithin, milk fat, artificial flavour and salt. They also contain cornstarch and sugar. There is less than one percent of dextrin, gum acacia, corn syrup and the colourings yellow 6, blue 1 lake, yellow 5, red 40, red 40 lake, blue 1, blue 2 lake, blue 2 and yellow 6 lake.

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Where can I order Bulk M&Ms in Australia?

You can order Bulk M&Ms right here at Funworks. We sell all across Australia including all capitol cities.

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