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Where to Get the Best New Zealand Lollies Outside New Zealand

Where to Get the Best New Zealand Lollies Outside New Zealand
August 1, 2018 ben

Where to Get the Best New Zealand Lollies Outside New Zealand

If you’ve ever visited New Zealand, you’ll know what an amazing country it is. New Zealand itself is quite a small country that’s similar size-wise to Japan or the UK. Boasting a population of just approximately 4 million people, if you adore peace and quiet, it’s easy to find. Or, if you fancy getting out there and meeting people and trying new foods, you can do that too! If you’re reading this, you no doubt want to either find out more about Kiwi lollies or you’re looking to buy some. But how can you get your choppers round the best New Zealand lollies around when you’re not even in the country?

New Zealand Lollies Australia

Here at Funworks online lolly shop, we pride ourselves on stocking a comprehensive mix of sweet treats from all over the world. You can experience new flavours and tastes when you buy from us as well as many of your old favourites. When you’re looking for some of the most unique and eclectic tastes around, Funworks has you covered.

It’s not just lollies we stock either – we are one of Australia’s leading providers of breakfast items, gum, sauces and condiments from the world over. But, we know you’re here to buy Kiwi, so let’s see what we’ve got:

Love chips? Then you will absolutely adore Rashuns. One bag of these bacon and cheese flavour Kiwi chips will never be enough, so make sure you stock up with more than you think you’ll need. However, if you do run out and you’re in the midst of cravings, you can always order more for fast delivery. You can even spread your payments when you buy from us!

We also stock items such as Perky Nana, Pineapple Lumps, Curlies, L&P (a lemony-tasting drink and more!) Check out our online store today for some of the best New Zealand lollies Australia has to offer!

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