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Tasty and Yummy New Zealand Lollies to Taste

Tasty and Yummy New Zealand Lollies to Taste
July 5, 2018 ben
New Zealand Funworks

Here at Funworks we just love all the lollies we can get our hands on. Big ones, small ones, chewy ones, chocolatey ones- we love them all! We also love to seek out tasty treats from other countries and, we’ve discovered some amazingly yummy New Zealand lollies that we think our customers will love. Let’s take a look at some of our new favourites!

whittakers Funworks New Zealand

Whittaker’s Chocolate

We are absolutely loving creamy Whittaker’s chocolate. Kiwis have been enjoying the stuff since it was first made in 1890. In those days, Grandfather Whittaker would sell his bars from door to door. Now, you can order some scrumptious Whittaker’s chocolate direct to your own door. Perfect! Whittaker’s is so creamy and smooth that one bar is never enough. You’ll be craving more in minutes! The bars come in a variety of flavours including Creamy Milk, Peanut Block and Hokey Pokey. Try some and see for yourself!




Jaffas Funworks New Zealand


When you think of New Zealand sweets, you probably think of these chocolatey orangey treats! These yummy drops of heaven are made by Cadbury and have been on Kiwi shelves for at least 50 years. Mmm. Dark chocolate covered in an orange candy shell! These are loved so much in New Zealand that they’re raced down the steepest street in the world during the Cadbury Chocolate Carnival! Now that sounds like our type of place.




Pineapple Lumps Funworks New Zealand

Pineapple Lumps

Pineapple Lumps are another awesome treat that’s been around for over 50 years. These Kiwi classics are little bites of the yummiest chewiest pineapple-flavoured candy smothered in decadent milk chocolate. First made in a little town on New Zealand’s east coast called Oamaru, Pineapple Lumps were originally sold as Pineapple Chunks, however, the name was changed in the ‘60s.



If you like the sounds of these yummy lollies and fancy getting your hands on some to try for yourself, just place your order today!