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New Zealand Lollies You Need to Try

New Zealand Lollies You Need to Try
August 1, 2018 ben

New Zealand Lollies You Need to Try

If you’ve ever taken a trip to New Zealand, you’ll have tried their food at some point. The Kiwis have some really great dishes. Some are influenced by Maori culture, others are South Asian, Southeast Asian and East Asian. There’s also a strong American and European influence to be found. Basically, you can find any cuisine you fancy when you visit New Zealand. But what we’re interested in are the lollies. And, boy they’re so good! Let’s take a look at some of the tasty lollies New Zealanders can’t live without:

Black Knight Licorice

Black Knight Licorice has been a New Zealand favourite for years. It’s made from only the best real root licorice extract to traditional standards of excellence. It’s an amazing 97% fat-free. It contains natural flavours and colours. It’s also so incredibly tasty and moreish. In fact, it’s so good that Black Knight Licorice has now become a real favourite in Australia too!

Pineapple Lumps Funworks New Zealand

Pineapple Lumps

Pineapple Lumps are arguably one of New Zealand’s national treasures! They’re pineappley on the inside, chocolate-covered on the outside and so incredibly yummy!

The first ever Pineapple Lumps were created in Oamaru by the Regina Confectionary Company in the early 1950s. And, to this day, the popularity of these lollies has never dwindled. Try them for yourself and see why!

RJ’s Raspberry Choc Log

Wow, those Kiwi’s really love their licorice. It’s no wonder as it’s some of the best-tasting licorice around! Fun fact – Did you know that during wartime, it was not unusual for ladies to lick a red licorice comfit, rub the red colouring onto their lips and then devour the sweet? Okay, so you probably won’t be doing that with these Raspberry Choc Logs, but you’ll certainly be devouring them and looking for more!

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