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Craving New Zealand Candy? That’s Not a Problem!

Craving New Zealand Candy? That’s Not a Problem!
August 2, 2018 ben

Craving New Zealand Candy? That’s Not a Problem!

Travelling is a wonderful thing. It broadens your mind and allows you to see places that in person you might never normally see. If you’re like us and you’re ruled by your stomach, it’s likely that during your trips you like to try a variety of new foods and treats. We absolutely love trying out new dishes!

However, one of the most annoying things about returning home after your holiday is that you end up craving for some of the things you tried while you were away. Now, you could always try to look online at stores in the area you visited, however, who wants to be hit with huge postage and/or import charges? Not us! Also, is it really worth your while to pay so much over the odds for a relatively small amount of goods?

At Funworks, we are proud to stock some of the most popular New Zealand candy available. Our prices are always competitive, and our postage won’t break the bank so you’ll have more money left over to spend on even more Kiwi treats! You can even buy in bulk, so you never run out of your favourites! Now, how does that sound? No matter where you live in Australia, you don’t have to go without your Kiwi candy.

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And, don’t forget about our five awesome Funworks Lolly Shop Perth stores where you can come in and browse until your heart’s content. We are located at:

You’re always assured of a warm welcome, knowledgeable advice and the best Kiwi products as well as ones from all over the world when you shop with us either online or in person. We look forward to being of service to you!