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Where to get the Best English Lollies Outside the UK

Where to get the Best English Lollies Outside the UK
August 2, 2018 ben

Where to get the Best English Lollies Outside the UK

Whether you come from the UK or you just love English lollies, here at Funworks, we have you covered. It’s true that there are differences in taste between English and Aussie chocolate. At Funworks Lolly Shop we stock chocolate from all over the world so if UK choccy is your favourite, just place your order with us either online or instore.

And, it’s not only English lollies we stock, we have chips, drinks and more to tempt your palette! We have new stock coming in all the time so if you fancy trying something new or our favourite is temporarily out of stock, that’s not a problem.

English Lollies and More

We stock loads of the tastiest English lollies around as well as some distinctly Scottish ones. Take a look at just some of the treats you can get your hands on:

Maynard’s Wine Gums

The Maynard brothers began making sweets in their kitchen in London back in 1880 and selling them in the sweet shop next door run by one of their wives. Eventually, in 1896, the Maynard’s sweet company was formed. Maynards Wine Gums are arguably the most popular sweet made by the company. The yummy, chewy and fruit flavoured gums come in a range of colours and flavours. And, each tasty morsel is stamped with a wine label too!

Tunnocks Tea Cakes

Tunnocks was founded in 1890 by Thomas Tunnock in Uddingston, Scotland, UK. People throughout the UK (not just in Scotland) love these round shortbread biscuits topped with a marshmallow-like dome encased in chocolate. They’re great with a cup of tea or coffee and are very moreish.

These are just two of the UK goodies we sell at Funworks. For fast shipping throughout Australia, order your UK treats today!