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The USA are known world-wide for their sweet and delicious Candy, chocolate and lollies. Here at Funworks we are proud to bring your American lollies, American candy and other american food online to give you a truly international taste experience. Simply select the products you would like and click Buy.

Buy American Lollies & USA Candy in Australia

In Australia we miss out on some of the many sweet delights that the USA has to offer. Candy like Jolly ranchers, milk duds, hershey’s kisses, reeses, specialty m&ms, butterfinger, baby ruth and many other American candy bars, candy boxes and other american confectionery.

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USA Candy in Australia

The quest for USA Candy in Australia is something we have been on for almost a decade. We source the best and finest lollies, chocolate, candy, chips and sweets from all across America and bring them back to the shores of Australia where we sell them online to the people of Australia. Whether you are an American living in Australia wanting your favourite treats to remind you of home, or if you are a die-hard Aussie who just happens to love Hershey’s and Cheetos, Funworks has you covered for all your American Candy needs.

Buy American Chocolate Online

Much like USA candy, American Chocolate is something craved by people all across the world. With so many unique and iconic chocolate brands in tv shows and movies, it’s no wonder we are all curious to try them. Whether it’s Hershey’s chocolates, Reeses peanut butter cups or milk duds chocolate, we have all your classic american chocolate and we also import the new and exciting chocolate treats that the USA has to offer.

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Where can I buy American Candy in Australia?

You can order American Candy right here at Funworks. We sell all across Australia including all capital cities.

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