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If you are looking for a healthy yet delicious and colourful cereal, you need look no further than Lucky Charms cereal. This brand has been a staple in American households for over five decades. With Lucky Charms cereal, Perth consumers can be assured of a magically delicious breakfast experience with whole grain goodness, plenty of calcium and twelve vitamins and minerals.

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Lucky Charm Cereal

Lucky Charms Cereal first hit the stores back in 1964. The toasted oat cereal and multi-coloured pieces of marshmallow together with the cute leprechaun mascot made this brand an instant success with children and adults alike.

The History of Lucky Charm Cereal:

Although the first boxes contained yellow moons, green clovers, pink hearts and orange stars marshmallow shapes, this lineup has changed a number of times over the years. There have been several special editions of the cereal which featured new marshmallow shapes to make up the volume of 25% marshmallow in every box. Each of these shapes represents a different magical charm with a special “power”. This includes the power to bring things to life from the hearts, power to speed things up with the horseshoes, the power to fly with the shooting stars, all kinds of luck from the clover, the power of invisibility with blue moons, power to make things float with the balloons and instantaneous travel with the rainbows. This makes this cereal even more fun for children of all ages as they try to find each of the charms in every spoonful.

The Ingredients in Lucky Charms Cereal:

Lucky Charms Cereal ingredients include; whole grain oats, oat flour, sugar, cornstarch, corn syrup, calcium carbonate, artificial flavourings, salt, trisodium phosphate, niacinamide, riboflavin, thiamin mononitrate, palmitate, folic acid, vitamin D, zinc, vitamin C, iron, vitamin B12 and vitamin E. Lucky Charms is also famous for its marshmallow pieces which contain modified starch, sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, dextrose, and colourants, yellow 6, yellow 5, red 40 and blue 1.


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Where can I order Lucky Charms in Australia?

You can order Lucky Charms right here at Funworks. We sell all across Australia including all capitol cities.

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