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If there is one sweet guaranteed to take you straight back to childhood, it is fizzy cola bottles. These tart yet sweet sugared jelly treats were a staple in any bag of childhood sweets.


Fizzy Cola Bottles

The familiar shape of the traditional cola bottle makes these sweets immediately apparent in any pick and mix bag. The wonderfully familiar taste of cola is perfectly complemented by the tart and fizzy sugar coating, making these sweets tongue tinglingly good.

Fizzy Cola Bottles are the Best:

When a massive survey was conducted on behalf of the British giant Marks and Spencer, fizzy cola bottles were voted the top choice among those polled for their favourite sweet of all time. This reflected that whether child or adult the first instinct of most people was to buy fizzy cola bottles over any other sweet. Although many consider the jelly or gummy bear to be the ultimate in jellied sweets, this poll proves that fizzy cola bottles have far more to offer. So, if you can’t recall the deliciously tangy and temptingly sweet taste of fizzy cola bottles, you really should take the time to revisit this taste sensation. Fortunately, here at Fun Works, we can help. We make it easy to buy fizzy cola bottles, just remember to buy plenty as once your family and friends find out you have a hidden supply, it won’t be hidden for long. Bring back the memories of your childhood and let your tongue savour this tangy treat and awaken your tastebuds.

Fizzy Cola Bottles Ingredients:

The ingredients of fizzy cola bottles include; glucose syrup, sugar, modified maize starch and gelatine as gelling agents, natural flavourings, citric acid and plain caramel natural colouring. Unfortunately, due to the use of gelatine as a gelling agent, fizzy cola bottles are not suited to a vegan or vegetarian diet.


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Where can I order Fizzy Cola Bottles in Australia?

You can order Fizzy Cola Bottles right here at Funworks. We sell all across Australia including all capitol cities.

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