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When it comes to reminiscing about childhood choo choo bars, lollies and candy are often the first things that come to mind. Now you can reclaim those joyous childhood moments with the return of Choo Choo bars.


Choo Choo Bars

These delicious liquorice chewy bar has been a popular choice in Australia for many years and now these distinctly iconic bars are back. You can revisit this chewy and scrumptious snack which still carries the old steam train blue wrapper for even greater nostalgia. Whether you remember your favourite childhood snack or are new to the delights of Choo Choo bars, you will find that these delicious bars make the perfect treat.

A Tasty Yet Sensible Snack:

Whether you are looking for a tasty treat for your kid’s lunch boxes or simply want to reminisce back to your childhood memories, Choo Choo bars are a great option. With only 77 calories per 20 gram bar, this delicious treat will satisfy your need for a sweet snack without ruining your appetite for your dinner. There is also only 0.9 grams of fat in Choo Choo bars. Perth health nuts will find this balance of low calorie, low fat and high taste very appealing and convenient for an after workout sugary pick me up. Whether you are watching your weight or conscious about your fitness, you can easily squeeze in a delicious and succulent Choo Choo bar. You may even have to stop yourself at just one or two!

Choo Choo Bars Ingredients:

The ingredients of Choo Choo bars include:sugar, wheat derived glucose syrup, vegetable shortening, gelatine, liquorice extract, E417 emulsifier, flavourings, E102, E123, E133, E151 colourants. Unfortunately, due to the presence of gelatine in Choo Choo bars, Perth vegetarians and vegans are not able to enjoy this delicious snack. However, they are classified as gluten free for allergy sufferers.


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Where can I order Choo Choo Bars in Australia?

You can order Choo Choo Bars right here at Funworks. We sell all across Australia including all capitol cities.

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