About Us

About Us

Funworks online aims to provide an awesome selection of cool new products delivered to your directly to your door. Weather it’s the hottest hot sauce, the sourest lolly or the best chocolate you can buy, we will have it. Always remember we love hearing about new products so if there is anything that we don’t have here that you would like we would love to find it for you, just email sales@funworks.com.au


Any order within Australia over $50 comes with free shipping.
Any order within the Perth Metro Area which totals above $20 comes with free shipping. Our standard shipping fee is $5 for orders which total less than 20$.

Cost of Shipping*
Brisbane $15.00 flat rate
Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide $10 Flat rate
Everywhere else in Australia $30 flat rate

*Please check the shipping rates as you check out as one or two suburbs in these areas may not be included.

Delivery Times

At Funworks we will try to ship your order the next business day. We guarantee it will be shipped within 2 business days, if it is not we will contact you with a reason why. If  you live in the Perth metro area your order should arrive within 3 business days. If you live anywhere else in Australia our shipping will depend on our companies with most orders arriving within 7 business days. We will always do our best to accommodate you if you require express shipping.

Money Back Guarantee

If your order arrives and for any reason you aren’t happy and do not want it, simply email us @ sales@funworks.com.au and we will do our best to get your money back.

Best Before Dates

Please ALWAYS remember our products are ALWAYS best before dates and not used by dates. The following exert is taken from the Australian Food Standards Webpage: “Foods that must be eaten before a certain time for health or safety reasons should be marked with a use by date. Foods should not be eaten after the use by date and can’t legally be sold after this date because they may pose a health or safety risk.

Most foods have a best before date. You can still eat foods for a while after the best before date as they should be safe but they may have lost some quality. Foods that have a best before date can legally be sold after that date provided the food is fit for human consumption.

Therefore, Funworks will never sell you any product that is unfit for human consumption. We also offer a no questions asked money back guarantee on any product that arrives not within its best before date. We aim to make sure all of our products have 3 months left on the date before shipping. If you have any issues with at all, please contact us at sales@funworks.com.au


Just by signing up for free, on your behalf we will give 7 days of access to life-saving water for families in Ethiopia!

The Funworks Tribe is our community of like-minded people who share a vision of making the world a sweeter place. Together we support, advocate and participate in projects, events and initiatives that sweeten this world.

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